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Payed Internships


 We are...


 ...looking for highly motivated students, who are searching for a payed internship abroad. You like to travel. You had enough of theory..... you are able to start working in an internship team in April 2018. The project depends on YOU, the applicants, so if a team is ready before April, it will start at an earlier date.


Salary:                        proper pay/month (plus per diem charges for stay abroad)

Travel costs:               payed

Accommodation:        payed


After you have finished the Online Registration Process (link:, you will be contacted for a personal talk about your motivation or just more information about the project. Through your registration you will have access to be invited to a personal interview and our Assessment Center, in which you will be able to show your personal abilities as well as your cooperative team skills.


Project Description


Consulting project/ DAX-company/Sales & Distribution


We are looking for 4  students with minimum one combination of the languages German/Chinese or English/Chinese or German/English. Further prerequisites to join in the project are machine engineering or industrial engineering studies (preferred Master).


• Personal project presentation for the management/executive board.


Starting situation


The project`s aim is a consulting project for the company ZF, concerning their active and passive safety technology and its’ marketing in China. ZF is a world`s leading technology group in the fields engine- and chassis technologies.




Objective of the consulting process is the optimisation of the marketing in China. The bigger part of the stay will be in China, next to countries such as Germany resp. Europe.


Project Start and Duration


The project starts, depending on your flexibility, in April 2018. Project duration are 3 - 4 months for your term planning.


If a phone conversation is desired, I will be very happy to inform you about the project details in a personal talk before your registration. Feel free to contact me for questions coming up at any time. For your personal convenience, I will also reply your enquiries via sms, app, email communication. I am looking forward for your contact and will be happy to assist you with necessary information on projects and how to join one of our qualifying and payed international projects.




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